4 Exquisite Artisanal Wash Basins to Elevate Your Bath Space in 2024

Join us in exploring four artisanal wash basin models that promise to elevate your bath space in 2024, where beauty and functionality seamlessly coexist.

Opulent Wash Basin Designs for Exquisite Dining Spaces

Enter the world of born-from-art wash basin designs that transform dining spaces into exquisite realms of sophistication.

A Perfect Guide to Choosing the Ideal Luxury Bathtub Size

Imagine this daily ritual becoming a reality, fueled by the perfect luxury bathtub from Artize by Jaquar Group.

Your Curated Catalogue of Exquisite Bathroom Fittings

So, maestro, what are you waiting for? Start composing your masterpiece today, and let Artize's exquisite bathroom fittings be the instruments that bring your vision to life.

Exploring Sauna Bath & Its Health Benefits in Bath

By understanding the sauna’s meaning, exploring the sauna bath benefits, and discovering ARTIZE's exquisite sauna collections, you can transform your bath into a haven for holistic rejuvenation.

Where Indian Inspirations Manifest

Luxury bath brand Artize’s second episode from the second edition of The Artboard features designer Shantanu Garg who amalgamates India’s visual splendour with the world’s updated designs

Of Indian Heritage and Craftsmanship

The first episode from The Artboard Season 2 by Artize features interior designer Darshini Shah who brings together elements of Indian heritage and craftsmanship in her contemporary design

Symphony of Classic and Contemporary

Artize, a luxury bath brand, in collaboration with Architectural Digest India, are out with the latest episode of The Artboard. Here, we’re made privy to the genius of JJ Valaya and his tryst with neoclassical designs

5 Perks of a Concealed Cistern for Your Dream Bath Space

Browse our exquisite collection and discover a world of possibilities for your dream bath space at Artize, a premium sanitaryware brand by Jaquar Group.

How Modern Wash Basins Redefine Bathroom Luxury

Enter into the world of Artize wash basins and discover the power of design to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury.

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