Free Standing Bathtubs

Artize has many types of freestanding bathtubs like Tiaara, Confluence and more. These all are in different and unique sizes you can choose from the widest range of Artize from Jaquar Group premium free standing bathtub to have more luxurious and relaxing bath.


Tiaara Free Standing Bathtub


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Confluence Free Standing Bathtub


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VIC free standing bathtub


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VIC free standing bathtub with oxypool system


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Freestanding Bathtubs

Carving out a moment of pure indulgence in your busy day is essential for your physical and mental well-being. What better way to achieve this than by sinking into a luxurious bathtub, surrounded by the calming ambience of your bathroom haven? At Artize, we understand the transformative power of a deep, relaxing bath, and that's why we offer a stunning collection of freestanding bathtubs designed to elevate your bathing experience to new heights.

The Allure of the Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs have become a coveted element in modern bathroom design. Unlike traditional built-in tubs, freestanding models stand gracefully alone, creating a focal point of luxury and sophistication. These adult bathtubs offer several advantages:

  • Unmatched Bathing Experience: Freestanding bathtubs are generally deeper and wider than built-in models, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in warm water and enjoy a truly spa-like experience.
  • Design Flexibility: Freestanding modern bathtubs provide greater design freedom when planning your bathroom layout. Their unattached nature allows you to position them strategically for optimal comfort and visual appeal. No matter the size of your bathroom, we offer a variety of bathtub sizes in India to fit your needs.
  • A Statement Piece: A freestanding bathtub from Artize becomes a stunning centrepiece in your bathroom, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the entire space. For bathroom bathtub price inquiries, visit our website or contact your nearest authorised dealer.

Introducing the Artize Freestanding Bathtub Collection

Artize offers a curated selection of freestanding bathtubs to suit various styles and preferences. Here's a glimpse into some of our most popular models:

  • The Tiaara: This asymmetric bathtub boasts a unique asymmetric design with high back support, perfect for cradling your body and providing ultimate comfort. The matt finish and smooth, natural stone-like surface create an inviting touch. The integrated drain and overflow system eliminates the need for complex plumbing, simplifying installation.
  • The Confluence: This symmetrical bathtub is ideal for spacious bathrooms. The Confluence features a double-ended design, comfortably accommodating two bathers. Similar to the Tiaara, the Confluence boasts an integrated drain and overflow system for a clean and streamlined look.
  • The Vic: This versatile bathtub offers a symmetrical design with a comfortable double-ended bathing experience. The Vic has a chrome overflow and waste system, ensuring effortless water management.
  • The Vic with Oxypool System: Take your bathing experience a step further with the Vic featuring the innovative Oxypool system. This unique system incorporates chromotherapy lighting, massaging water jets, and a digital control pad, transforming your bath into a personalised spa retreat.

Finding the Perfect Bathtub for Your Needs

With various sizes, styles, and features, Artize offers a freestanding bathtub to suit any bathroom and budget. Whether you're searching for a sleek, modern design like the Confluence or a hot bathtub with all the bells and whistles like the Vic with Oxypool, Artize has the perfect solution. Explore our extensive range of bathtubs online to find your ideal match

Considering a Bathtub Renovation?

We recommend consulting with a professional designer or contractor if you plan a bathroom renovation and want to incorporate a freestanding bathtub. They can assist you in selecting the right bathtub sizes and style of bathtub for your space. Whether the need is for a small bathtub or a bigger one, they will ensure a seamless installation process. For bathtub prices in India and installation inquiries, please contact us.

Why Choose Artize Freestanding Bathtubs?

At Artize, luxury should be synonymous with quality and longevity. Our freestanding bathtubs are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring exceptional durability and lasting performance. Here's what sets Artize bathtubs apart:

  • Unmatched Warranty: Experience a decade of worry-free indulgence with our remarkable 5 to 10-year warranty, extending graciously to all our luxury products.
  • Longer Life: Our bathtubs are built to withstand daily use. Our high-quality materials resist scratches, chips, and fading, ensuring your bathtub retains its beauty for a lifetime.
  • Artize Care: We go beyond simply selling bathtubs. Artize Care, our comprehensive after-sales support program, offers expert advice, seamless installation services, and readily available genuine spare parts