5 Artistic Designs For Kitchen Sink and Bath Taps in 2024

01 Mar , 245 Artistic Designs For Kitchen Sink and Bath Taps in 2024

Timeless Elegance: 5 Artistic Designs For Kitchen Sink and Bath Taps in 2024

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Artize’s luxury bath and kitchen brand presents a curated collection of bath and kitchen sink mixer taps that seamlessly blend artistic innovation with unmatched functionality. Being creators of art, Artize caters to design connoisseurs and artistic bathrooms that seek inspiration from art.  

Why having an artistic faucet is important?

Compact yet sure to catch the eye of every visitor, a faucet serves as a shining centerpiece. Enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bathroom and kitchen, a chic faucet contributes significantly, all while fulfilling the essential role of dispensing water. These wash basin taps, available in a range of designs, shapes, and finishes, cater to diverse design preferences. In this blog, we are going to unveil the five artistic designs that redefine kitchen and bathroom aesthetics in 2024.

  1. FLO2 Single Lever Spring Pulldown Sink Mixer

  • Step into the future with the FLO2 Single Lever Spring Pulldown Sink Mixer, a kitchen mixer tap that caters to the wholesome functionality and abundant convenience right in your hand. Crafted with precision, the sleek and modern silhouette of this sink mixer tap is enhanced by a spring pulldown mechanism, offering unrivaled ease of use. The chrome finish adds a touch of grace to your kitchen, making the FLO2 a statement piece that embodies contemporary elegance.

    Product Link: FLO2 Single Lever Spring Pulldown Sink Mixer

  1. Pulldown Conical Sink Mixer

Bring in the artistic masterpiece- The Pulldown Conical Sink Mixer, a perfect fusion of elegance and utility to your kitchen. The conical design displays modern aesthetics, while the pulldown feature adds a touch of practicality to your culinary space. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is evident, making this tap a visual delight. The Pulldown Conical Sink Mixer tap by Artize is globally recognized for providing timeless designs that enhance your daily cooking experiences.

Product Link: Pulldown Conical Sink Mixer

  1. FLO2 Single Lever Pulldown Sink Mixer

  • Introduce luxury in your kitchen with the FLO2 Single Lever Pulldown Sink Mixer, an artistic expression of innovation and feasibility. The sleek design and ergonomic lever make it a joy to use, while the pulldown feature adds a layer of convenience to your kitchen rituals. The carefully curated chrome finish enhances the aesthetic appeal, turning your kitchen into a haven of style and functionality.

    Product Link: FLO2 Single Lever Pulldown Sink Mixer

  1. Concealed Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer: 

Crafted from the finest materials, this basin mixer tap is a true work of art. The smooth lines and flawless finish speak to Artize's commitment to providing a luxurious bathing experience. The Concealed Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer Tap is more than just a tap; it's a statement piece that seamlessly blends practicality with artistic flair, creating a harmonious balance in your bath space. The concealed installation not only exudes a seamless aesthetic but also allows the artistic elements of your bathroom to shine.

Product Link:  Concealed wall mounted basin mixer

  1. I-Tap Basin Mixer Deck Mounted:

Grace your home decor with the installation of the I-Tap Basin Mixer today, it's that one thing your bathroom was missing! This deck-mounted design adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your bathroom. The I-Tap Basin Mixer is available in a range of luxurious finishes, allowing you to customize your bathroom according to your unique taste. Whether it's chrome, gold, or a matte finish, each option reflects Artize's commitment to providing choices that cater to the diverse preferences of the artistic elite.

Product Link:  I Tap basin mixer

In pursuit of perfection, Artize a global luxury bath and brand presents these five artistic designs to you for bringing a revolution in your kitchen in 2024. While the kitchen and bath mixer tap price varies from design to function in the market, it is advised to choose the one that resonates with your style. At Artize, our dedication extends beyond crafting simple bath fittings. With our trusted  Lifetime warranty of 5-10 years of service, our goal is to transform your bathroom into a sleek space where art and technology seamlessly merge. Let your kitchen become a canvas of artistic expression with Artize’s luxury faucets collection.


Q. What is a 2-way  kitchen faucet?

A. The 2-way kitchen faucet has two outlets with only a single source of water supply. It is used in washing machine pipes and in gardens for watering pipes. 

Q. What are the advantages of Smart kitchen sink taps?

A. The most important advantage of a smart kitchen sink tap is its user-friendliness. With a push of a button, users can set unlimited personalized presets or start and stop water flow.

Q. What is the purpose of the smart faucet?

A. Smart faucets allow users to start and stop the water supply as well as perform specific tasks on command through their digital voice assistant. Positioned at the front of the faucet turns water on or off with a simple hand movement. 

Q. Is it worth buying luxury designer kitchen taps?

A. Yes, it is advised to invest in a luxury designer kitchen tap because they offer higher quality, stronger built, more advanced features, and longer warranties compared to other ones.