What is 3-stage Filtration in Whirlpool and How Does it Work?

30 May , 24
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What is 3-stage Filtration in Whirlpool and How Does it Work?

A whirlpool bath offers an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, a sanctuary where stress melts away under the soothing embrace of warm water and massaging jets. Yet, the true joy of a whirlpool experience can be diminished by concerns about water hygiene and cleanliness.

That's where Artize's groundbreaking innovation, the Trigiene™ world's first 3-stage water filtration system for whirlpools, comes into play. This revolutionary system transforms the whirlpool bath experience, ensuring water that's not only cleaner and clearer but also safer and more hygienic.

The Science Behind Sparkling Clean Water: What is Filtration in Whirlpool and How Does Trigiene™ 3-Stage Filtration Work?

Artize, an esteemed Indian luxury brand by Jaquar Group with a global presence, understands the discerning tastes of design connoisseurs who seek artistic bathrooms that draw inspiration from art. With the Lexa Trigiene™, Artize has raised the bar for whirlpool bathroom tubs and whirlpool bathtubs with jets.

The Trigiene™ 3-stage filtration process is a marvel of engineering, designed to meticulously purify the water in your whirlpool.

Mechanical Filtration: The journey begins with the removal of larger particles like hair, skin flakes, and other debris. This initial step sets the stage for the deeper cleansing to follow.

Chemical Filtration: Next, the water passes through a specialised medium that captures and neutralises smaller particles and dissolved impurities, ensuring a pristine and inviting bathing environment.

Biological Filtration: The final stage employs advanced disinfection methods to eliminate harmful microorganisms, safeguarding your health and well-being.

This rigorous, multi-layered approach ensures that every drop of water in your whirlpool bath is as pure and refreshing as possible.

Artize Lexa: A Symphony of Luxury and Hygiene

The Trigiene™ 3-stage water filtration system for whirlpools finds its perfect embodiment in the Artize Lexa Superior Whirlpool and Airpool Combi System. This luxurious adult bath tub is a masterpiece of design and engineering, offering an unparalleled bathing experience.

The Lexa boasts a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any modern bathroom. Its spacious dimensions (1900 x 1400 x 530mm) provide ample room to stretch out and relax, while the combination of water and air jets delivers a customised massage that targets specific muscle groups.

A key feature of the Lexa is its integrated water heating system. This system ensures that your bathwater remains at a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your soak, eliminating the need to constantly adjust the water temperature.

But what truly sets the Lexa apart is its commitment to hygiene. The Trigiene™ system ensures that the water in your bathtub is always clean, clear, and safe, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without worry.

Embrace a New Era of Bathing Luxury The Trigiene™ world's first 3-stage water filtration system for whirlpools is a testament to Artize's dedication to innovation and excellence. Experience the difference with the Artize Lexa and indulge in a whirlpool bath that's not only luxurious but also reassuringly clean and safe.

With a warranty of up to 5 years, you can rest assured that your investment in an Artize Lexa is protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of pure, rejuvenating water for years to come.

Q. How effective is the 3-stage filtration system in removing impurities and contaminants from water or air?
A. The Trigiene™ system is remarkably effective, removing a wide range of impurities, from visible debris to microscopic contaminants and harmful microorganisms.

Q. What types of impurities or pollutants can the Trigiene™ 3-stage filtration system in Whirlpool effectively remove?
A. The system effectively removes larger particles like hair and skin, smaller particles and dissolved impurities, and harmful microorganisms.

Q. Are there any unique features or technologies incorporated into Whirlpool to enhance the effectiveness of the 3-stage filtration system?
A. Artize's proprietary technology, combined with high-quality filtration media, ensures optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Q. Can the 3-stage filtration system in an Artize Lexa bathtub be customised or adjusted to accommodate different water quality or user preferences?
A. The system is designed for optimal performance under standard conditions. Consult an Artize representative for specific inquiries regarding water quality concerns.

Q. Are there any maintenance requirements or considerations for the filtration system in a Whirlpool bathtub?
A. The Trigiene™ system is designed for easy upkeep, with simple procedures for cleaning and replacing filters.