Parichay Mehra

Spearheading the design team at Jaquar Group, Parichay has won some of the world's most prestigious design awards for his unique blend of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, finish, and aesthetics.

Parichay on Confluence, recipient of the Good Design Award:
"Confluence has been created for people who would like to engage with water in the most natural way. The calming effect of a waterfall has been replicated in Confluence by crafting a gentle stream that descends from a half-cut bamboo. For all those who are looking for peace, the biomorphic design has been thoughtfully created with dual flow aerators that ensure that the flowing water never leaves the contours of the organic bamboo-inspired channel and that it arrives without creating a splash."

Parichay on Linea, recipient of the IF Design Award:
"Design that enables feather touch movement, Linea is a strikingly simple design that is shaped like a rectangular bar with operational motion also limited to a single direction. Design simplified to the largest extent that eliminates every unnecessary layer between the user and the experience of the product."

Danelon Meroni

An innovative London-based product design studio led by founders Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni. Danelon Meroni home and bathroom collections have been featured in major European trade fairs and widely published in the design press.

Danelon Meroni on Tailwater:
“Inspired by nature and the elegant, fluid lines of contemporary architecture, Tailwater is a striking and iconic piece of bathroom fitting - a new design classic. We immersed ourselves into deep research of free form to show how technological know-how and inspiration from the natural world could be expressed in a beautifully engineered piece of industrial design.”

Michael Foley

The founder of a unique multi-disciplinary design studio, Michael leads a creative team building cutting edge, holistic and intelligent design solutions in diverse categories ranging from lifestyle products, smart wearable technology, branding, and spatial experience.

Michael on Tiaara, recipient of the Plus X Award:
“The concept brings a sense of mystique to the idea of a faucet. The concentric rings originate from the play of echoing ripples of water and give the faucet a unique sense of mystique. The inner ring swings to give access to running water and seamlessly stops without spilling a drop when swung back.”

Lisa Bosi

Graduated in Venice, Lisa practices interior and industrial design in Italy, and collaborates with leading global brands as well.