Where Indian Inspirations Manifest

09 Feb , 24Where Indian Inspirations Manifest

Art that is alive, that beckons its gazers to question and appreciate, deserves to spread their wings across the expanse of your homes – specifically the spaces reserved for reconnecting. While your living room; the cove of entertainment deserves such marvels, your bathing zone too should be pampered with art! Taking visual treats across spaces is Artize; the luxury bath brand’s philosophy – letting art be known wherever its connoisseurs tread. Amalgamating lavishness with seamless usability, this brand reinvites our washrooms, making its silence, glorious, one detail at a time.

Joining hands with AD India, Artize explores the homes crafted by renowned interior experts and the source behind all their thoughts. Unravelling magnificence by decoding vision, ‘The Artboard 2.0,’ a video series extends an insight into India’s alluring creative past and present, and its impressions on a designer’s executions – all circling back to Artize’s ‘Born From Art’ narrative. Adhering to this core philosophy, in the second episode, Shantanu Garg, one of India’s leading designers and visionaries highlights how he is most impressed by Indian royalties’ sensitivity towards the country’s visuals. Their commitment to their aesthetic is translated via its features in royal attire and their palaces – a form of undying regard.

adds that dreamy and opulent flair to the space!” All culminating in a thoughtful visual balance, with an alleyway for India’s culturally rich tales.

The same artistry is endowed in the making of Artize’s VIC collection: pure lines and understated shapes are combined with decorative refined details. Based on essential geometries, perfect circles and straight lines, the detailing reinvents modern shape into a sophisticated object, making every product a masterpiece. Garg believes Artize’s VIC collection poses as the right, small detail to a large and memorable statement. Akin to his creative manifestations, VIC is a fusion of innovation and tradition, and raises the bar for luxury bathrooms everywhere for it is truly “Born From Art.” 

With an affinity for India’s history of royal luxury and its connection with aesthetic visuals, Garg artfully manifests those into homes that are enwrapped with tales of the past. In his Artboard 2.0 clip, we witness how the designer’s deep knowledge of indigenous art and eye for Western aesthetics harmoniously unite to create modern neoclassical interiors. An intriguing manifestation of this is the featured home’s stairway background — allowing escalation into vibrant magnificence. Garg expresses, “This space draws inspiration from an old haveli courtyard. I wanted to bring in that flair of a haveli courtyard and it also gave us the opportunity to bring in many bespoke details.” Following the same sensibilities, the home’s master suite hosts an incredible portrait of Raja Ravi Varma on which Shantanu comments, “The painting