Artize, a luxury bath brand, in collaboration with Architectural Digest India, are out with the latest episode of The Artboard. Here, we’re made privy to the genius of JJ Valaya and his tryst with neoclassical designs When we think about infusing classical with contemporary styles, no one does it better than the luxury bath brand, Artize. An epitome of modern design that also incorporates vignettes from history, the brand’s aesthetics exude luxury from its bath fittings to its bathtubs and more. Artize’s unique collection of VIC – Modern Neo-classic designs, is a fusion of innovation and tradition. It is a combination of the minimalistic essence of modernism and the elegant and rich soul of classicism. A bespoke blend of contemporary and classical, the new collection isa showcase of lyrical and detailed aesthetics of Artize.

This philosophy resonates with some of the most brilliant architects and designers in the country. To showcase this harmony of design philosophy, Artize in collaboration with AD in a fi rst-of-its-kind video series titled — The Artboard — goes into the homes of famous designers and architects to gain an insight into their world. And one Indian couturier and interior designer who constantly looks at the past for inspiration is JJ Valaya.

Playfully addressing himself as the ‘Misfi t Maharaja’, Valaya says, “In modern times, to be able to relate to an audience which is looking at design from a completely new perspective, it is very important to work on a look that is neoclassical modern.” Inspired by the Victorian era, Artize’s VIC — Modern Neo-classic collection is a sober blend of elegant design and opulent fi nishings. The luxury bath brand’s design philosophy ties in perfectly with Valaya’s ideology: “Go back to the past and keep it relevant to today.”

With an extremely edgy design aesthetic, Valaya says he doesn’t believe in just building walls. “The world is full of amazing inspiration, and bringing it all together and presenting it in a modern way is my mission,” he says. Artize infuses this notion of the monarch of Indian fashion with its fl awless craftsmanship, geometric shapes and clean designs, making every product a masterpiece that is truly ‘Born from Art’.