Artize SMART TECHNOLOGY TAKES CENTRESTAGE - Everything About Latest Bathroom Technology

05 Dec , 23Artize SMART TECHNOLOGY TAKES CENTRESTAGE - Everything About Latest Bathroom Technology


I-TAP, Luxelet and Showertronic iV-6—meet Artize’s Smart Bathroom line-up—where artistic visions merge with pioneering innovations

Whether you live in a luxurious apartment or a quaint studio, one thing is certain: we all live to celebrate life’s little luxuries in our homes. And what better place to do so than your very own personal sanctuary—the bathroom? The right touches can make something as mundane as washing your hands feel like an elevated experience in a modern, technologically-advanced bathroom. And as technology has the power to transform every aspect of our lives, why would your bathroom be an exception? Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find your smart-bathroom inspiration— luxury bath brand Artize brings you the latest innovations to deliver the ultimate bathroom experience.

Created by and for connoisseurs of design, Artize ushers in a new era in bathroom luxury, enhanced by artistic shapes, minimalistic forms, and meticulous finishes. Through a range of revolutionary hi-tech products like the latest I-TAP smart faucet, Luxelet smart toilet or Showertronic iV-6 smart shower the Artize Smart Bathroom range strikes a balance between form and function.



Revolutionise the way you wash your hands with Artize Smart Bathroom’s I-TAP. Beautifully engineered, it was designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, acting as a personalised hand-washing assistant. With I-TAP, you can regulate not only the temperature and flow of water, but also monitor water use and conserve energy, all while receiving a stream that is appropriate for all tasks. Intended to be user-friendly, the I-TAP has an innovative, multipurpose touch panel that can be configured in a number of ways, giving you the freedom to customise your bathroom experience to your liking.

The I-TAP system is designed to be fitted into any type of washbasin in conjunction with an electronic CPU capable of digital reading and precise thermostatic control of water temperature and flow rate with a groundbreaking digital tap system that can be operated with one simple touch. The I-TAP seamlessly brings together the best in technology and luxury, and no matter your visual aesthetic, the smart faucet will make itself at home—choose between basin, deck, and wall mount to complement your bathroom design.


Artize’s Luxelet incorporates a number of elements that provide unmatched levels of cleanliness, comfort, and convenience, made possible by combining a thorough grasp of functional design, sophisticated technology, and superior ceramic manufacturing skills. The Luxelet is infused with user-sensitive features and advantages, designed with an expertise in interface design to provide hygiene, convenience, and sense. The smart toilet flaunts an array of unrivalled features that emphasise comfort like seat cover temperature control, LED night light, a handsfree bidet, and auto flush, along with hygiene-forward functionality like anti-bacterial clean glaze, dryer, and an automatic deodoriser.


Striking the perfect balance between functional simplicity and technical complexity, the Showertronic iV6 is a revolutionary intelligent water mixer system. At the touch of your fingertips, the high-durability, waterproof touchpad will tailor your shower as per your preferences with precise water temperatures and water flow control, ensuring your showering experience will never be the same again. With state-of-the-art intelligent control software, the Showertronic iV-6 boasts a myriad of features like warm up mode, automatic start up, pause mode, automatic internal clean-up, memory settings, thermal disinfection, precise temperature control, alarm display and display of water consumption.