Re-invent your Bathroom with Artize luxury bathroom fittings & Sanitary Ware

08 Nov , 22Re-invent your Bathroom with Artize luxury bathroom fittings & Sanitary Ware

Bring in the natural elements. Plants, pebbles, and wood towel racks can make your bathrooms look cozy and warm. A space where you can recuperate and rejuvenate. Stone baths are very popular and look extremely elegant.

A grey and white sultry combination. Adding an additional stone wall and blinds in your bathroom can make the space look wide, bright, and clean. Add a designer light to make the space truly appealing.

Our absolute favorite, dark black floor and white roof. Black and white bathrooms look a class apart. They look luxurious, and have a character of their own. White accessories add a whole new dimension to its glamour.

Big windows to let the natural light come in and make bathrooms look huge and spacious. Use blinds with an edge perhaps matching the patters on your glossy wall tiles. Use small mate accessories to add the X Factor.

A rustic stone wall, combined with softer corners is a combination made in heaven laid out in your bathrooms. The wooden floor of the same tones along with artistic planters can make the bathrooms add nostalgia and vintage. A space you do not want to escape

Gold accessories can elevate any bathroom space. Enhance your bathrooms by adding a touch of gold. Gold adds that extra layer of luxury and beauty.

A small bathroom can look equally gorgeous with black and white tiles. Touch of plants, and white paint can help you reinvent your bathrooms. The space looks visually bigger when you combine these elements. 

Scandinavian look can be achieved by using pastel colors for the highlight wall. Light colored racks and vanities add the true touch. Mate accessories and minimalistic elements can truly enhance your bathrooms.