OF ARTISTIC VISION - Luxury bath brand Artize’s latest video from The ArtBoard

08 Nov , 22OF ARTISTIC VISION - Luxury bath brand Artize’s latest video from The ArtBoard

Luxury bath brand Artize’s latest video from The ArtBoard—a first-of-itskind video series created in collaboration with Architectural Digest India— features Iram Sultan, a designer par excellence and an Art Deco aficionado who believes that intimacy is among the major building blocks of a home To everyone who is of the opinion that avant-garde artwork and plush accents are reserved for coveted living rooms or homey bedrooms, the world of design has just one thing to say: Artize. This luxury bath brand is spearheading a paradigm shift in the way we perceive the most intimate corners of our personal spaces by spotlighting aesthetic bathrooms that are luxe yet comfortable. Proving that there is no reason why the most intimate space in our homes should be devoid of artistic aesthetic, Artize’s product offerings are unparalleled in their design and temperament alike. The luxury bath brand prides itself in products inspired by the Art Deco movement, celebrated artworks, ancient Japanese pottery and minimalism.

In an exclusive collaboration with Artize—The ArtBoard—a video series that delves into the art inspiration behind the works of architects and interior designers, AD goes behind the scenes and spotlights celebrated designers and the vision that goes into designing a space that’s functional, luxurious and rooted in the brands ‘Born From Art’ philosophy.

The latest episode in the series features Iram Sultan—an interior design maestro who has mastered the art of marrying utilitarian and elegant.


Home and house lie on either side of ‘intimate’—right from quirky colour palettes to pushing the boundaries of design and forgoing any artwork that doesn’t feel like ‘comfort zone’, our homes are but an extension of us, our most vulnerable side. So when interior designer Iram Sultan said intimacy is of paramount importance in a home, we knew we wanted to hear more! Helming a self-made, global design studio which prides itself in obsessively detailed, bespoke and intimate artwork, Sultan melds her design sensibilities with architectural storytelling. “I think I’m a storyteller, and I love telling their [clients’] stories. I like to make it visually and aesthetically as much theirs as I can,” she says. Packed with creative zeal and the urge to make homes intimate havens, Sultan’s design mood boards are headlined by the client’s preferences.

She believes the overarching emotion for any home is comfort, joy and solace. It’s a safe haven where friends and folks can let their guard down and cherish unbridled conversations. With a design philosophy which harbours intimacy and customisation at its heart, Iram Sultan lends the choicest of artworks and trends to make her client’s design dreams meet reality.


Staying true to its ‘Born From Art’ philosophy, the luxury bath brand Artize’s signature offering Lexa is a clear-cut Art Deco successor condensed into a range of faucets and ceramics. Its tapered angles, elegant curves and geometric precision are a masterclass in minimalist design. The sophisticated offering mirrors the movement’s beautiful contradiction of sharp, modern lines, and classic arches.

Talking of Artize’s design aesthetic, Sultan says, “The Art Deco movement is actually one of my favourite design periods. From the angularity, soft lines, materiality—that incredible balance and mix. I think it’s a period I really enjoy. The Lexa tap by Artize is actually a great example of Art Deco design–you can see it in the soft curves and in the sharp lines. I think it’s a beautifully designed product”.