How To Choose an Artistic Toilet Seat for Your Luxury Bathroom?

08 May , 24How To Choose an Artistic Toilet Seat for Your Luxury Bathroom?

Close your eyes and envision your bathroom - a personal oasis designed to soothe the senses. The warm lighting, plush towels, and fragrant aromas create a harmonious retreat. But as you approach the toilet, that cold, uninspired plastic seat disrupts the tranquil ambience. This is where Artize steps in, transforming this vital fixture into a stunning artistic centrepiece that seamlessly blends with your sanctuary. Imagine tracing your fingers along an exquisitely crafted, hand-painted toilet seat - transforming a utilitarian object into a luxurious focal point that blends seamlessly with your curated sanctuary. With Artize, even the most mundane spaces become immersive multi-sensory experiences, allowing you to indulge in aesthetic luxury from start to finish.

But how do you choose the perfect commode seat for your artistic haven? Fear not, design enthusiasts! This guide will unveil the art of selecting a toilet seat

Understanding the Basics

The toilet seat is essential to the toilet, ensuring comfort and hygiene. Various types of commode seats are available in the market, each with unique features and designs.

When it comes to the English toilet seat price, it can vary widely depending on the material, design, brand, and additional features. For instance, an Italian toilet seat might cost more due to its superior craftsmanship and design. However, it’s important to remember that the price should not be the only deciding factor. The toilet seat’s comfort, durability, and design are equally important. Consider these things when thinking about what type of toilet seat to buy.

The Artize Approach to Artistic Toilet Seats

Artize's toilet seat collection reflects the brand's core values. Each seat is meticulously crafted, prioritising:

  • Artistic Design: We step away from mundane toilet seat designs. Our collection boasts unique shapes, artistic embellishments, and a variety of materials that complement the entire bathroom suite.

  • Luxury Experience: Artize uses premium materials that are beautiful and offer a comfortable and indulgent bathroom experience.

  • Functionality: Despite the artistic appeal, we prioritise user comfort and incorporate features like soft-close lids and quick-release mechanisms for easy cleaning.

  • Sustainability: We are committed to eco-friendly practices. Our toilet seats use materials like ceramic, known for their durability and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Unveiling the Artistic Options

We offer a variety of artistic options to suit your taste and bathroom theme:

  • Nature-inspired motifs: Incorporate the beauty of nature into your bathroom with toilet seats featuring stone or ceramic finishes. These commode seats create a spa-like ambience and pair well with organic-themed bathrooms.

  • Geometric patterns: Artize offers toilet seats with geometric patterns etched or inlaid on the surface for a modern and sophisticated touch. These seats add visual interest and complement a contemporary bathroom design.

  • Subtle colours: Not all artistic expression requires loud colours. We offer seats in traditional colours and add a touch of understated luxury to your bathroom.

Beyond Aesthetics: Functionality Matters

While aesthetics are essential, toilet seats need to be functional as well. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a toilet seat:

  • Shape:  Look for toilet seats in both round and elongated shapes. Round seats are more compact and traditional, while elongated seats provide additional legroom. Ensure you choose a seat that complements your existing toilet bowl shape.

  • Material:  Seats made of materials like ceramic provide ultimate comfort. Consider factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and personal preference.

  • Features: Some may include soft-close lids that prevent slamming, quick-release mechanisms for easy cleaning, or even bidet functionalities for an enhanced bathroom experience.

 Artize’s toilet seat flushing technology:

  • Premium Cistern Systems: We offer sleek and minimal flush tanks that complement the ceramics. These cisterns ensure a refined silence in the bathroom.

  • Auto Flush: Artize’s auto flush feature maintains hygiene by automatically flushing after use.

  • Adjustable Height and Easy Installation: Our water flush systems have adjustable height options and hassle-free installation.

Selecting the Right Fit

Commode seat compatibility is crucial. Before you get enthralled by the artistic design, ensure the new seat fits your existing toilet. Here's what to consider:

  • Measure the distance between the two mounting holes on your toilet bowl. This measurement will determine the seat size you need (round or elongated).

  • Check the hinge type of your toilet. Seats should be compatible with your existing hinge system for a smooth installation.


Artize toilet seats boast not just artistic appeal but also quality craftsmanship. Dive into a decade of worry-free indulgence as we shower you with a stellar 10-year warranty on all our ceramic wash basins. It's not just sanitaryware but a promise of enduring quality. When paired with an  Artize warranty, you can be confident your investment in an artistic toilet seat will add lasting beauty and functionality to your luxury bathroom.


Q. What is a luxurious toilet?
A. A luxurious toilet offers superior comfort, advanced features, and elegant design. It elevates the bathroom experience through its functionality and aesthetics.

Q. What is a fancy toilet called?

A. A fancy toilet, often found in luxury bathrooms, is commonly called a “smart toilet.” These toilets offer advanced features like automatic flushing, heated seats, and bidet functions.

Q. How do I know what toilet seat to buy?

A. Consider the shape and size of your toilet, your comfort preferences, the design, and the material of the toilet seat.

Q. What shape of the toilet seat is best?

A. The best shape depends on your personal preference and the type of toilet you have. The two most common shapes are round and elongated.

Q. What is the most common toilet seat size?

A. The most common toilet seat size is approximately 14 inches wide by 16.5 inches long. However, sizes can vary, so measuring your toilet before purchasing a seat is best.