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17 Mar , 24Design In Motion

In the sun-kissed haven of Goa, where the whispers of the Arabian Sea caress the shore, the soul of India fi nds its refl ection in the architecture. Here, the essence of susegad permeates the air, inviting a languid pace of life. It is amidst this backdrop that designer Ritu Nanda’s vision materialises, offering a glimpse into a design philosophy that mirrors the essence of susegad—a spirit of unhurried ease and contentment.

In the vibrant mosaic of India, where tradition dances with modernity, Artize Artboard Season 2 emerges as a captivating ode to the nation’s architectural heritage as the brand shines a spotlight on India as the paramount wellspring of inspiration for architects and interior designers. Artize Artboard Season 2 unravels the meticulous thought process involved in crafting sumptuous yet functional spaces, deeply rooted in the brand’s foundational ‘Born From Art’ philosophy. The third episode of Artboard Season 2 features Nanda, who not only breathes life into spaces but embodies the very essence of being ‘Born From Art.’

Nanda is the creative force behind a design fi rm that echoes the rich heritage of craftsmanship. In the episode, the designer invites us into her oasis, a home that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. “What I love about India is the fact that craftsmanship is an inherited way of life,” she remarks. Her words echo the sentiment of a nation where artistry is not just a skill but a legacy passed through generations. For Nanda, architecture is not about imitation but relevance. Drawing inspiration from Goa’s intense monsoons, her designs embrace low-slung, tiled roofs and double windows that have withstood the test of time. In the episode, she shares her insights into borrowing details from the region’s architectural treasures, highlighting the importance of a solid foundation and the elegance of old columns.

Nature weaves its way into Nanda’s design philosophy, emphasising the signifi cance of creating homes that resonate with the environment. Here, Artize’s ‘Confl uence’ takes centre stage. As she describes it, “It is inspired by the split bamboo reed, which is traditionally used as a source that brings water to people. Where it comes from is a wonderfully traditional idea, but its execution is modern and sleek—it’s a beautiful faucet, and it’s in my washroom.” The Artize Signature Confl uence, with its biomorphic design, mirrors the Zenlike tranquillity of a gentle stream. Like a reed of bamboo guiding water to a private stream, Confl uence transforms a simple act like washing hands into a serene ritual.

Nanda’s design philosophy, rooted in the susegad spirit, revolves around creating spaces that exude ease, comfort, and unpretentious luxury. She emphasises the signifi cance of lights and chandeliers, advocating for a balance between formality and whimsy. As she aptly puts it, “Life should just fl ow in your home, make you feel comfortable, and make the people who enjoy those spaces feel like they belong there.”

In the grand tapestry of Artize Artboard Season 2, Ritu Nanda’s episode is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity. As we step into the world she has crafted, we are reminded that a home is not just a space but a lifestyle—a philosophy beautifully echoed by quiet luxury and elements that spark joy.