An Artistic Expression

16 Nov , 22An Artistic Expression

Luxury bath brand Artize’s latest video from The ArtBoard—a first-of-its kind video series created in collaboration with Architectural Digest India—features interior designer Sunita Kohli and her daughter, Kohelika Kohli who give us a peek into their tasteful abode that is a seamless blend of ornate and opulent

An elegant cocktail of quintessential art and history, the Artize philosophy believes that there is no reason why the most intimate space in our homes should be devoid of artistic aesthetics. On a mission to re-invent the way we perceive the most intimate corners of our personal spaces, luxury bath brand Artize in collaboration with AD, goes behind the scenes and into the coveted homes of eminent designers and their vision in the video series titled ‘The Artboard’. Through The Artboard, Artize continues to celebrate the crème de la crème of Indian art and design, inspiring connoisseurs across the country. Back with a new chapter that re-establishes Artize’s ‘Born From Art’ philosophy, we visit the inner workings of celebrated interior designer Sunita Kohli and her daughter, Kohelika Kohli.

“All my life I think I’ve been a dreamer, a romantic. And incidentally, I became a designer,” says Sunita Kohli, a trailblazer in the field of historical interior architecture and architectural restoration. Her home embodies her vibrant personality and is a testament to her innumerable years in the field as an interior designer and President of K2 India. Join Architectural Digest as we visit her and the co-founder of K2 India, daughter Kohelika Kohli in their indulgent home in New Delhi.


“India is so special because we’ve got everyday art. It might not always be valuable, but often it is secular or religious and across the country, across every region— this is what happens. That wonderful feeling of [art] moving between cultures is what I think informs me and my personality, and sort of the way I work,” Sunita says.

As we tour her ornamental home, Sunita points out the focal wall at the entrance decorated with antique Tanjore paintings of Vishnu and opulent brass mirrors. The rest of the rooms host contemporary pieces designed by her daughter, Kohelika Kohli—except for the revolving, Edwardian-inspired bookcase designed by her husband, Rome Kohli in the 70s. Talking about some special spots in the house, she says, “One of my favourite corners in this courtyard is where this kusum tree is. This courtyard has also been the venue of a museum I founded—The Museum Of Women In The Arts In India, we’ve always used the place quite extensively.”


The Artize mission to celebrate art fi nds its way into their timeless collections, especially those that usher in a new era in bathroom luxury—with designs spanning many forms, centuries and borders.

Confl uence—the elegant luxury faucet with a one-of-a-kind design, created by Russian suprematist El Lissitzky, is a ‘confl uence’ of strong vertical and horizontal elements; quiet and harmony envelop the space around Confl uence, a zen mystery of natural inspiration. The faucet’s biomorphic design channels the energy of water streaming through a halfcut bamboo reed and pours it into a gentle, private stream—seeking only to calm and relax. With clean lines, bold forms and Art-Deco-inspired motifs—each o! ering is the epitome of form-meets-function that raises the bar for opulent bathrooms everywhere.

“Fluid in form, elegant in function and meticulous in fi nish, Artize’s ‘Born From Art’ philosophy has ushered a new era of bathroom luxury,” says Sandeep Shukla, Head - Marketing & Communication, Jaquar Group. Elaborating on how the brand’s philosophy is inspiring the A/ ID community, Mohit Hajela, Head – Business Development, Jaquar Group, explains, “The collection embodies luxury and perfection whilst imitating art in all its glory. Quite naturally, it has become synonymous with refi ned taste and design connoisseurs. It’s commendable how The Artboard series brought several stalwarts of design under the spotlight and inspired everyone.”