INSPIRATION. Think of creativity without inspiration
or even worse without being able to inspire. As an artist,
I draw inspirations from my surroundings. Every tint
of colour, every contour or angle holds a mystery to
decipher. And once that code gets cracked, your
imagination takes on a different dimension. In Artize
I find myself inspiring and getting inspired. Be it the
sleek straight lines, the smooth curves or the sharp cut
silhouettes, you will be mesmerized by its craftsmanship,
the stark finesse and the breathtaking designs. Built
with passion and sculpted to perfection, your bath
spaces would now get the exclusive coordinated look,
which others simply crave for. I recommned that you
go ahead and explore the world of Artize!

Paresh Maity
Painter & Sculptor


Passion. That is what drives me to think different.
Infusing life into garments is an art steered by the heart.
It takes immense passion to fuel clutter breaking
creativity. In my endeavors, small or big, you would
find this stimulating drive. And recently I discovered
the reflection of my persona in the masterpieces of
Artize. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Artize
truly pays a tribute to the fine traditions of exquisite
craftsmanship and precision through a wide range of
products that are designed to create trends in the
bathing industry.

Wendell Rodricks
Fashion Designer